Is it possible to move the device across accounts?


Is it possible to move the device across accounts?

I know that i can move a device using balena cli in the same account, but I do not know if I can move the device across accounts.



Sure thing, you need to add the user who is going to do the move, as a developer member in the application you would like to move to.

Once you have done this, the shared application should be a target in the “Move device” flow.



I appreciate your quick response.

The question I posted was not enough for explanation.

Can I move devices across different Plan accounts?

The background is as follows.
As an operation service of the device developed by my company, in order to confirm the usefulness of BalenaCloud, I registered with BalenaCloud as FreePlan in the account.
As a result, since I judged that BalenaCloud is useful, the company I will officially decided to adopt BalenaCloud and my company registered a new account as PilotPlan.
I’d like to move the device registered with my FreePlan account to the company’s PilotPlan account. Is this possible?


Yes, this is possible as mentioned above. In summary:

  • add your Free account as a member of your Pilot account
  • use the Free account login to move the device from the Free application to the Pilot application
  • remove your Free account as a member of the Pilot account

I hope this helps.


I see. I understand.
Thank you for your answer.


No problem, please let us know how you get on :ok_hand: