Adding a 2x16 LCD-display to Balena sound showing "now playing"


I’m kind off new to this with programing language, electronics and what you can do with it but since I bought my first Raspberry Pi I’m really enjoying it and I’m trying to learn it slow and steady :wink:

I’m using the BalenaSound on a raspberry pi 3b and it works great for my needs and now I’m woundering if there is some way that I can conect my Pi to a 2x16 LCD display and get the display to show the artist/group and the song that’s curently playing from Spotify?
Like I said I’m new to this so I don’t know the rules so I might be thinking teribley wrong but I’m hoping someone will say “yes it works” or else I hope you people will tell me to not waste my time with this project anymoore :wink::see_no_evil:
I have a “custom made” case for my Pi and I want to have a small display on the outside of it.
I understand there must be some wireing and soldering but I can handle that…I hope…:wink:

I have seen some other projects with a “now playing” screen from Spotify but none of them are using balena so that’s why I ask here :grinning:

/ Per

Hi @perd ,

I am really glad you are getting into electronics and having fun with the Raspberry Pi! You should absolutely be able to connect an LCD screen to the Raspberry Pi in order to show the artist/song currently playing. First you will need to find the specific library for your LCD screen and make sure it is compatible with the Raspberry Pi and GPIO. The tricky part will be getting the data from Spotify to show up on the screen. You will most likely need to figure out how to get these two different parts of your application to communicate with each other, whether that’s through serial communication/wifi/or something else. But yes, it is possible :slight_smile: . Have fun hacking!

Thank you for your answear. It’s great to know that it is possible, then I haven’t wasred my time thinking about it :wink:
I figuered that the conunication and coding would be the tricky part but your possitive answear gave me some new spark to dig deeper into this project :+1:
Thank you for that :grinning::+1:
I will look into some other projects and see if I can combine some code and try to figure out a sollution.
Thanks again for the correct answear :wink::rofl::rofl: