Adafruit MAX98357 I2S Class-D Mono Amp

Hello. :grin:
Just want to tell that I’ve installed a Rpi0WH with balenaSound and this amp and it works as intended when followed and inserted configurations as told on there homesite:
“If you see a line that says: dtparam=audio=on
Disable it by putting a # in front.
Then add:

Adafruit MAX98357 I2S Class-D Mono Amp

Just as info if you want to add it on the list of known working DAC’s

Thanks for an awesome product

Hi Christoffer, can you share where you applied the dtoverlays? Did you use BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay or edit the config.txt file? Would you mind sharing either? Thanks!

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That’s usually in the Pi’s config.txt file.

Right, I was curious to see which way you tried. Thanks. I’ll add this DAC to the supported list!