Accessing userspace of the image


Currently, when I plug my raspberry pi with the resin image on it, it brings me to a black page with no form of input. Is there any way that I could access a terminal inside my image, so that I can do more things with the os than just run a server?


Hey @thantzmon,

I’m not sure I completely understand your question, so apologies is this is way off mark.
resin is a headless system, meaning it doesn’t come with x-server running, as in most cases it runs without any user input, however you can do anything you can do with a regular OS.

You can ssh into your application container via the dashboard or the resin-cli, however because of the nature of Docker containers, your changes to the filesystem won’t be persisted (unless they are written to the /data directory.

If you can give more details on what you are trying to do, I’ll be able to give more directed advice.


I think what I was trying to ask is how/if I can access the terminal from the dashboard locally and change the repository to something not on this website so I could potentially use this system completely offline.


@thantzmon, Do you mean ssh access to your application container? You can use the resin CLI to ssh into the container