Running Software From Github


I’m new to Resin and trying to install software from Github onto my RPI 3B+. The repo is and the dowload link is:

How do I download and run this on Resin? I have been trying to follow the guides but haven’t been successful.

The software you linked to is provided as an entire image. You simply download it, flash it to an SD card (use Etcher, it’s excellent!), stick the SD card in the Pi and boot it. You don’t need Resin at all.

If you wanted to use Resin then it’s a totally different ball game. You’d need build the above into a docker image and then use Resin to run that image. I’d suggest just running as is though, unless you need Resin for something?

@stooshie45 I need to use Resin so I can access the Pi running the software remotely outside my local network.

How would I go through the process of building the Docker file and running it for this application?

Thanks for the help.

What sort of access do you need? SSH? HTTP? For simple remote access there are loads of other solutions. Personally I use DDnS and a VPN but if security is less of a concern just use port forwarding.

In terms of building it into a docker image that’s waaay outside of my knowledge and skill set I’m afraid. Maybe it’s simpler than I think and someone else can shed some light?

Actually sorry, I just saw your second link was to a packaged version of the software. Not an image.

Okay this might be easier than I thought but I’m not near my computer. I’ll post more when I get back (unless someone else beats me to it)

I need HTTP access, I tried using Dataplicity but it gave https errors when accessing the website remotely.

What sort of errors were you getting? It looks like Dataplicity is going to be a quicker and simpler solution to what you’re looking for.

I get these errors:

Any Ideas?