Access Artik020 GPIO from Raspbian

Good morning,
how to access the GPIO on Artik020 on Raspbian Balenafin 1.1?

I need to set two pins as analog-in to read some sensors.


Hi @LoStevo,

I would recommend that you consider the Firmata implementation we’ve put together for communicating with the coprocessor ( This allows your to control the coprocessor via a serial interface and provides reporting of pin status via the Firmata protocol ( It will let you configure pins for the ADC and report back their value.

With the Firmata firmware flashed onto the coprocessor, you’ll be able to use any client library (Python, NodeJS, etc.) to control it from the balenaFin.

Currently this repo supports v1.0 but I’m working on updating it to v1.1 and I will message back here once I’ve pushed support for v1.1.



Perfect Thanx!

Any news on when your Firmata implementation will support v1.1?

Hi @mad.dove

We are very close to merging support for the v1.1 on Firmata (v1.1-beta2 branch on GH). We should have news early next week.