pyFirmata and ARTIK-020


Possible to use Python pyFirmata to set next wake-up time of CML3. I’d like to switch-off CML3 module by module itself, but before I need to set/confirm next wake-up value on ARTIK co-processor.

thx in advance


Hi @freddy34,

This is coming soon to the Firmata firmware; we’re planning to get an initial “serial command to set a sleep” (CM3 -> Coprocessor) interval example into the docs asap followed by implementing this upstream into the Firmata firmware shortly afterwards.

This will likely be implemented as a custom SYSEX command and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s been pushed to the Firmata firmware.




Hi Alex, some news about new Firmata FW?



Hi @freddy34, apologies for the delay with this, I think this being marked as a solution meant that I didn’t see your prompt! You can find the updated firmata firmware here ( and a test program which will load and run the firmata firmware (