404s on files.resin.io

Certain files from files.resin.io are returning 404 errors while others are fine. For example, https://files.resin.io/images/raspberrypi3/2.2.0+rev1.prod/kernel_modules_headers.tar.gz returns 404; however, https://files.resin.io/images/raspberrypi3/1.24.0/kernel_modules_headers.tar.gz does indeed work.

I am using this service to download kernel headers to build modules, should this not be relied upon anymore?


Nevermind! That plus sign got encoded to a space. Please ignore!

Yes, the correct link is URL-encoded version (where + becomes %2B), that is e.g. https://files.resin.io/images/raspberrypi3/2.2.0%3Brev1.prod/kernel_modules_headers.tar.gz

Sorry about this confusion. ResinOS 2.x follows a more meaningful versioning scheme, but it has its transition issues… Thanks a lot of highlighting it! Were you getting the kernel module link from a script or somewhere else? We’d like to update any documentation that uses these links.

Got it originally from the module build script on the resin github, which we made some modifications to. But there was a PR mentioned elsewhere that fixed it