Resin OS v2.0.0 missing for raspberry pi 3



All of my raspberrypi 3 devices are running resin os v2.0.0-rev3. I would like to use this os version for new devices, but that option is not available when I try to download the resin os. Is that version no longer available for rpi 3?


Hey @nickd

Previous images had a security vulnerability that you can read about further here: Resin.IO Logs are sent in plain HTTP over network

To try to ensure that we do not propagate this vulnerability further, we removed the affected images from the dashboard. Is there a reason you would not like to use v2.0.6?


Ah ok thanks. The reason was because I was having trouble compiling a module for v2.0.6-rev3.

We are using the module builder from here to build the rtl8812au module (I had previously posted about some troubles with that). The current issue is that the script can’t seem to find the headers for “raspberrypi3” even though it is indeed listed in ‘./ --list’. For reference the command in the Dockerfile looks something like ./ raspberrypi3 ./rtl8812au.

Quick edit: when building the module for all versions (ie with ‘.*’), the script gives a 404 error when retrieving

Any suggestions?


It looks like the + sign in the URL is tripping up the build script, and it needs to be percent encoded. Googling shows that there is a few ways to do this, but it depends on what you have present in your base image.

If you have python(2) it looks like one of the easiest methods is to use:

python2 -c "import urllib; print(urllib.quote_plus($url, safe= ':/'))"

I will try to look at which method can be used across all base images and change the build script to use that, but in the meantime, this should work for you.

Edit: Alternatively you can just pass it in percent-encoded yourself if you don’t want to have this handled generally :slight_smile:


Ah that makes sense. I will modify the build script, thanks!

Edit: For others using this build script and experiencing the same problem, this PR fixes it (


Hi @nickd,

The PR you referenced was merged.