X11/QT5 support on Raspberry Pi 2



I’ve been looking into UI support on the Raspberry Pi v2 to understand what is achievable for kiosk style solutions needed by our customers. I’m not 100% there but it’s pleasing to see this is achievable with Resin.io.

For test I first built up an image with Yocto Poky Jethro, with QT5/Matchbox WM/X11 support in there, pushed it up to the Docker hub, then created a Resin.io app and docker file to perform some needed customisations to run up the x-server in the docker container.

Lastly it runs a simple QT5 ‘qcolorcheck’ app as a test.

(fwiw. The Qt5 Cinematic Experience demo is in there as well, but the Yocto image would need to be rebuilt to have EGL support for this to work).

This all seems to work pretty well, although for some reason the x-server doesn’t seem to start up after a device reboot.

Resin.io app repo and details are here -

Cheers, Alex


Hi, why not using xinit to start-up your graphical application?


That’s a good plan. For some reason when I do that I get a small display rather than full screen.