GUI / Keyboard problem with X server

Hello friends,

We’re working on a project which involves a QT Gui in a Docker Container (debian:stretch). Our motherboard is an Up2 Squared.
The qt app shows up well with HDMI. But we can’t manage to get the keyboard working.

When running the image in local mode, the keyboard works well. But when we push it to resin, it doesn’t work at all.

Using resin SSH,
xinput doesn’t show the physical keyboard.
evtest shows the physical keyboard.

I already tried what they say to do in this thread : GUI / Xinit problems

But it doesn’t seems to work. Plus, I’d like to use pm2 to start my UI.

Maybe some of you have some clue :slight_smile:

Hi! Are you pushing with a docker-compose.yml or just a Dockerfile? Could you share those files?

It’s weird that it works in local mode but not when running as a resin app… maybe we can compare both containers to see what’s different. (Are you using the same Dockerfile in both cases?)

Can ssh into the host, find the name of the container with balena ps, and then balena inspect <container name>, both for local mode and resin-pushed app? That way we can see if anything in the container config that might explain the difference.