Writing process ending unexpectedly when imaging Raspbian on microSD card

Hi, I’m trying to install Raspian Stretch onto an SD card. But every time I select the file, the card and click flash it says: The writing process ended unexpectedly. Please try again, and contact the Etcher team if the problem persists.

Can someone help me with this problem?

Hi, what operating system are you using Etcher on? What’s the version you are using?
Some thoughts what might go wrong:

  • have you checked that the downloaded file’s correct (comparing the calculated checksum of the file to the one Raspbian publishes)? Or tried downloading the file again?
  • do you have another SD card that you can try writing to? To check whether the card is the one that has any issues.

I’m using etcher 1.4.4 on Windows 10 Pro.
I’ve tried with 2 Micro SD cards, one of which I bought brand new for this purpose (they’re both SanDisk drives).
I have also tried to reinstall the Raspbian zip and extract to the image multiple times.
I have a pretty old computer and a with that a pretty old SD card reader, so I’ll try it on a different one. I’ll keep you up to date.

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