Will the Pi Zero W work with the Pi Zero resin image?


I’d quite like to get resin working on my new Zero W, will the wifi work straight away or will I need to do a little tinkering?



Hey, it does not work yet out of the box, but the release to support the Pi Zero W is very near. Tinkered versions are running already, but needs a bit more testing.


Ok, thanks I think I’ll wait until support is finished before trying it out. Once support for the Pi Zero W is done, I guess it will just show up in the ‘device type’ dropdown in the dashboard?



We’ll likely fold it into the existing list, once support is done, the regular Pi Zero type should work for the Pi Zero W as well. :horse_racing:


Looking forward using Resin.io on my Pi Zero W!

Do you guys have an ETA for a release that would support the Pi Zero W?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @ros, no concrete ETA, we are working on it, together with a bunch of other updates that are planned to be released in the near future that also connected to each other in one way or another.

We are also excited to use the Pi Zero W, have a handful of them around the office already… :rainbow:


Hi @ros and @HypnoToad, support for the ZeroW has landed in the latest resinOS 2.0.3 release, available now!