resinOS 2.0.3 for Raspberry Pi including ZeroW


Hey, the latest release of resinOS 2 line is out with 2.0.3! That’s now our recommended version to deploy for new devices!

One important milestone is adding support for Raspberry Pi ZeroW, the wireless version of the Raspberry Pi Zero. :tada: This should enable even more interesting use cases with even cheaper setup for everyone! To get started, just select the Raspberry Pi (v1 or Zero) device type, and download the host OS normally, with your wifi network configured.

The update also brings in the latest resin-supervisor that includes a lot of bug fixes and improvements. :violin:

It is also available to download as unmanaged resinOS images, where you can use it to deploy containers on devices without using any part of the cloud:

Give it a try, and let us know if you use it with ZeroW, or if you build something cool based on with any kind of hardware!

Will the Pi Zero W work with the Pi Zero resin image?

How can I update my Resin OS 2.0.0+rev3 (dev) devices? I dont see the update hostOS action


Hi @brett, you will need to reflash your device with the new version, for two reasons. Partly because dev devices don’t have the ability to update (only prod releases, see more in the release blogpost). And partly because the resinOS 2.x series doesn’t have resinHUP support yet (it’s in the works, will keep you posted!)

So would recommend to just reflash your device with the new release at this point, and making sure that you are using a prod version if you want to resinHUP that device later!