wifi-to-ethernet, but wifi-connect kills the service after a while

Hi All,

I’m a happy user of the wifi-to-ethernet functionality but the included wifi-connect causing it to crash after a while. how do I disable the wifi-connect service to boot at a restart? if I manually stop the service it runs for many weeks.


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Hello @rjwelling thank you for your comment here!

if the project is crashing, could you please share the logs to see what is happening? on the other hand, feel free to introduce an issue to the original github repository to solve the problem https://github.com/grokbeer/wifi-to-ethernet/

Finally if you would like to test it without wifi-connect maybe you can clone the repo and just comment the wifi-connect service from the docker-compose here.

However i would rather preffer to try to solve this issue on here. Feel free to share the logs you get.

@grokbeer check here if you want to help :slight_smile: