Long-term plan for Wifi-Connect

HI guys,

Wondering if we can get an update on the plans for WiFi-Connect? The original repo (GitHub - balena-io/wifi-connect: Easy WiFi setup for Linux devices from your mobile phone or laptop) seems to be a little overlooked now in favour of the Balena Blocks version? For example there has been a pending pull request (Bump version in Dockerfile.template by vipulgupta2048 · Pull Request #368 · balena-io/wifi-connect · GitHub) because the current repo doesn’t even pull the latest wifi-connect version for users. Also some long awaited enhancements tentatively waited for (https://github.com/balena-io/wifi-connect/pull/354; Support Linux distros like Alpine by providing musl libc linked binaries · Issue #185 · balena-io/wifi-connect · GitHub).

Is this repo going to be getting long-term love? It still provides significantly more advantages over the Balena Blocks version. If however, the plan is to leave the repo redundant then I need to start thinking about how to try and squeeze what I need out of the Balena Blocks.

Hi @Maggie, I am checking with the maintainers on this for you, and we’ll let you know what we find out. Thanks!

Ok, after some digging, the answer is, both will be maintained! The reason is, the WiFi Connect repo produces a binary…and that binary is consumed by the Block. So, the balenaBlocks version is fully dependent on the WiFi Connect repo. :slight_smile:

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