Wifi Settings Not Saving

Setting up a couple of new devices within another application. Everything is working good except the current device which is a pi3 will not save the wifi settings that are put into the resin-wifi-01 file. I have tried multiple times to edit this file and save it, but when rebooting the device for settings to take place. The device never sets to the static ip, always reverts back to auto config. After editing that file I can go back and view the file to make sure it saved the changes and it does, but once a reboot is preformed it looses all settings. I have did this process to other units and have not had any issues. Beginning to think there may be an issue with the wifi module in the pi3, but it connects to the wifi by means of dhcp just fine. I can statically assign an ip to the wired network and works just fine, but not the wifi.

Hi there, are you editing the file at /mnt/boot/system-connections or at /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections ? You’ll need to edit the one in /mnt/boot in order for the settings to persist.

First I was editing the file in /etc… I tried the other /mnt/boot, but that didn’t work either. The file shouldn’t matter, should it? I have the wifi settings file saved as resin-my-wifi. Wifi is still pulling from dhcp pool. Thanks

it definitely matters which file is edited. So basically at every boot, all the files in /mnt/boot/system-connections is copied over to /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections . That means any files with the same name in the latter location will get overwritten by the files in /mnt/boot/system-connections.

Figured out what the issue was. I over-looked what files were in each folder. Noticed that in one folder there was the resin-my-wifi file I created and also the original one resin-wifi-01,m so I removed the wifi-01 and all is good now. Wifi has a static ip. Thanks guys for the help.

awesome, glad we got to the bottom of it. have a good one!