Wifi Repeater project AP settings


I am using balena in order to run multiple Raspberry Pi 3 B’s as wifi repeater/bridges on my existing network. There is one problem with the project that I would like some help fixing. When the RPi starts the wifi-repeater service, it begins to broadcast as an access point on wlan0, which is the built in wifi antenna on the board. However, I have more a powerful USB wifi dongle (wlan1) that I want to use for the AP, using the built in wifi (wlan0) to connect to the existing wireless network.

Attached is the example startup code for the wifi-repeater service.

Thank you for your assistance with this.

Hi Steven,

Welcome to the forums!

Currently the wifi-repeater project will pick the first interface that is AP capable. I see there is an open issue on the repository to make this configurable. You can follow the progress there and I have also linked the issue with this post so you’ll be updated when there is progress on that.