Default interface wlan via usb dongle.

Hi, how replace interfaces in this schema:

wlan0 for WIFI eg. repeater (in the built-in card)
wlan1 for AP (with dongle usb)

I want the basic wlan to be the one with the usb dongle.

Device: Raspberry pi 3.


Hey @prem111 I’m not completely sure what you’re asking here. Can you give me a bit more context and info on what it is you would like to do?

I want wifi dongle to connect to be wlan1 for Access Point and wlan0 to be WIFI Repeater, default is the opposite I just need my phone to connect to the wifi balena os via the wifi dongle and the wlan built into the raspberry for connection to the AP.

When you create your NetworkManager connection profiles you need to specify interface-name=wlan0 for the profile of the repeater interface and interface-name=wlan1 for the profile of the AP interface. Make sure to check out our balena networking page as it contains a lot of relevant information: Network Setup on balenaOS 2.x - Balena Documentation