Wifi connect does not work as expected


I was trying to use the wifi-connect in my project but it does not work as expected. It does not scan for the ssids in the captive portal.

Interesting AB…I just used a WiFi-Connect project the other day testing out InkyShot and it worked great. Just out of curiosity, could you clone the InkyShot project, and copy/paste over to your project the wifi-connect container and the snippet in the docker-compose to try to port it into your App manually?

Thanks @dtischler.
The issue I mentioned is intermittent and does not happen all the time. I have seen it multiple times so I put it into the forums to ask.


Oh, interesting. Let’s see if anyone else from the community has noticed or experienced this behavior as well then. :slight_smile:

This post and the links should bring you up to speed.

WiFi-connect doesn’t seem to be getting the love right now. Lots of things that would be really good to see move forward, it is so integral to so many projects.

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Weird, the forums seem to take GitHub urls to comments and shorten them to the url of the ticket:

Here is the direct link: https://github.com/balena-os/wifi-connect/pull/354#issuecomment-810606526

Oh, thanks for that link @maggie0002 - I had no idea that was an issue!