Inkyshot project

I recently got some parts to create the inkyshot Project. I was able to connect my raspberry pi zero to balenacloud, my issue is that it does not detect or have any files for my waveshare 2.13 e-ink display (If I used the Pimoroni pHAT display the cloud would apparently automatically detect it) On the github website it says that I could use it as an alternative, is there any way to get the required files or will I have to buy the other e-ink display?

Hi there, did you happen to set the WAVESHARE service environment variable to 1 in the dashboard for this application?

I did that earlier, but had no effect

OK, according to the README, it should work. If you are able to grant support access to this device, we can try to take a look to see why it isn’t working. Maybe it’s an OS version/firmware combination issue, etc.

I turned support access on for the rest of the day, feel free to check it out when you’re free, thanks!

We would also need the device id…

Didn’t realize that, here you go: 1e71ce73cc0a2d02d52aa3925fd0d739

It looks like you haven’t pushed to this device yet. Can you please push the project and we’ll go from there…

How exactly am I supposed to do that? I have Balena CLI set up. I’m looking at the documents and I’m confused. Sorry I’m really new to this

You can use the cli or use the deploy with balena button:

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I realized it never pushed in the first place, I tried that on a new computer and the application was pushed. Apparently after its all pushed the messages are supposed to automatically show up, which isn’t happening. The device is pushed and you should be able to access it now

Hi there, I just went to check this out, but it looks like the device is removed. However, to clarify, you’ll want to make sure that your Waveshare display is the ‘v2’ model, and the ‘HAT’ (as opposed to the “raw panel”.

I decided to completely reset the device, and its working now, thank you guys for the help

Glad to hear!