WiFi adaptor not connecting on locally built Raspberry Pi 4 image

HI all,

We’ve been building some Raspberry Pi images for testing - one for an RPi3-64 and one for an RPi4-64.

We’ve done this using the docker container build mechanism from the instructions here

We’ve injected a downloaded config.json from a new fleet with appropriate WiFi SSID and password

On the RPi4 the image boots but does not connect to the WiFi. I attached a network cable and the board then joins the fleet and all is well.

BUT using the Balena HostOS terminal I can connect to the board and I see there is a wlan0 which is not connected. The SSID and password is correct and I can use iw wlan0 scan to see the board can see the SSID.

Any ideas why it might not be connecting up the WiFi correctly? Thanks!

OK I have figured it out. It’s confusing because entering the WiFi SSID/password results in entries in the downloaded config.json that we then copied across to our boot image.

BUT we ALSO need to create a new WiFi configuration in resin-boot://system-connections

With that done the WiFi now connects.

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