Why spare machines

Why are you pushing for Pi’s and spare machines instead of making it more obvious and easy for people to use their main machines? I would think 12+ hours per day of a gaming PC would produce faster results then 24 hours per day of the fastest Pi, is that not correct in this case? This is too hobbyist focused for me to spread on social-media. Target Apple laptops, Dell laptops, and gaming pc’s running in the background and everyone will be doing this.

SPARE ! because rosetta uses 110% CPU thats why !


always run them in (virtualbox) VMs

You don’t have to use spare computers, you can run rosetta@home on your main PC or Mac using BOINC.
Get it here: https://boinc.berkeley.edu
I recommend running BOINC through a VirtualBox VM. You can get VirtualBox here: https://www.virtualbox.org/

Yeah, I get all that, but adding Folding@home to GoogleToolbar 15 years ago was so easy anyone could do it, and it would only peg your CPU when your PC was idle. Most people can’t (won’t) set up virtual box and boinc and configure it all. I’m just telling you guys how to get millions of users… make it dirt easy for them. Only then will this go viral (no pun intended)

i agree and because balena use a completely different model this will NOT go viral because of the multiple flaws in this model not to mention the massive electricity bills anyone installing balena desktop OS will be getting

Hey @RPM welcome to the forums; the object here is to allow anyone to help no matter how big or small the contribution. We focussed on making it easy for SBCs and other computers, but the site has a guide for ‘main computers’ alongside Pis and spare computers as well :slight_smile: