Where to place edid.dat on Raspberry Pi

In order to get my Raspberry Pi to support my monitor on Raspbian I have to put a edid.dat file into the root of the SD card and then it ends up in /boot once the OS boots.

Can anyone advise where should I put the edid.dat file in the resin.io SD card so that it gets used during boot?

I’ve tried at the root but that didn’t work.

I’ve just tried again and this time it worked. I must have done something different last time.

In case anyone else has the same question…

  • read edid.dat file from the monitor with tvservice –d <file> (This can be done from any raspberry pi)
  • put the file at the root of resin OS SD card
  • modify config.txt and uncomment the line hdmi_edid_file=1

This will tell the Raspberry Pi to use the edid.dat on the SD card instead of trying to read it from the monitor.

You might find that after the first boot, resin.os will overwrite the config.txt file. If you find this fails to work after the first boot, check the config.txt file on the SD card and edit it again if required.

@molusc glad you got to the bottom of this!

Just a quick note on this, config.txt can also be edited remotely for the full fleet - feel free to check https://docs.resin.io/reference/resinOS/advanced/#modifying-config-txt-remotely for more details.


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Thanks that’s really good to know!

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