What is the equivalent of BalenaCloud's fleet configuration in OpenBalena?


I’m trying to migrate from BalenaCloud to OpenBalena.

In BalenaCloud, my fleet has a configuration that can be accessed in the tab named “configuration”. There are important options here such as the DT overlays for the devices.

I am trying to recreate the same thing in OpenBalena, but the balena config command can only be applied to an image file (or a flashed storage medium?), not to the fleet on the server directly.

But if that is the correct way to do this with OpenBalena, I cannot find how to specify the DT overlays (or any other configuration option) for the image. What keys should I put in the JSON file or in the balena config write command?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi there,
to set a configuration variable you need to use the balena add env command as described here balena CLI Documentation - Balena Documentation.
The variable name to set in case you want to change the DT overlay is BALENA_HOST_CONFIG_dtoverlay. I would suggest you also to list all the configuration variables of the fleet to better understand the actual situation, running balena envs --fleet FLEET_NAME --config.