What could decrease the reported uptime from actual uptime?

I left a resin.io powered device up and running over the weekend but the uptime reported on the dashboard is “Online Currently online (for 10 hours)”

The dashboard logs don’t go back far enough to see if 10 hours is accurate. Are there other logs that I can examine?

I’m know that I will need to add more logging as a USB connected device is either locking up or some other app or system failure is occurring. So I will be following some of the steps discussed in https://resin.io/blog/how-to-create-a-custom-logging-system-for-longer-log-retention/

Hi @jason10!

The uptime reported on the balena dashboard is actually most accurately the “network uptime”, in that the device may have been powered up but disconnected from our network (and thus we count that as “down”). You can check the device’s actual time since boot by either:

  1. running the uptime command in the host OS shell
  2. if the uptime command is not available because the OS is old, you can simply run stat -c %z /proc/ to see when the device booted

Once you are logged into the device’s host OS, you should be able to view system logs via journalctl to understand what has caused the disconnection or reboot. If the device is consistently rebooting, we recommend enabling persistent logging.

I hope this information is helpful!