Weird restart and update behavior

Since a few days, our fleet behaves strangely. Updates to new releases seem to happen very fast, but containers do not get restarted automatically and seem to be still running the older version, while the release tag is updated. Also changing environment variables does not trigger a container restart. Our business depends heavily on this behavior. We cannot trust that updates are correctly applied to our fleet anymore.

Can someone investigate this?

Hey Jef,

We would like to debug this using our support channels so please can you open a new chat on your Balena dashboard?


Hi. The issue seems to be solved now.

Could this be having to do with the data migration issues on the 23rd and 24th? We noticed then that our whole fleet was updating for no reason, from the same version to the same version… very strange. After rebooting all the devices all went back to normal.

We will keep monitoring this closely, if there is some issue we will let you know.


It could be related, but I have too little information to tell exactly. Please let us know in case you see unexpected behavior again.
Best Regards,