Feature request: Add ability to update containers on reboot

There are a bunch of useful update strategies for various scenarios (Fleet update strategy - Balena Documentation). It would be great to have a download-then-update_on_reboot. Containers are pulled and stored locally. On the next reboot, instead of starting the old containers, start the new ones and remove the old ones. This would allow me to maintain uptime, without requiring the extra resources or coding of a hand-over.

I am referring to Balena Cloud, so when I say containers I mean the delta updates for the containers*

Is there any way to achieve this in the meantime? I can trigger an update on the api in boot, but is there a way to disable update on all other occasions?


Wondering if anyone had any ideas on the above? Is there a way to prevent updates being installed until reboot? I have been looking at the updates lock: Application update locks - Balena Documentation. It says downloads will be done when not installed when it is locked, which would get me half way there. Is there a way I could trigger the install of those updates, without downloading new ones?

Quick update. For now I have used the update lock feature, enabling it on first boot so the update lock is permanently on, and am running a manual update request on boot passing the ‘forced’ var as true. It’s not ideal for many reason, in particular my logs are now full with update retires.

Is there any chance of an ‘update after reboot’ feature in Balena at some point?

Hello @Maggie not sure why this message has been here without any answer! It’s really interesting :slight_smile:

Let me create an internal discussion to see how we can help you more!

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It looks like this GitHub issue may fit the behavior you’re seeking: Download but only start new release on X · Issue #1624 · balena-os/balena-supervisor · GitHub

The issue topic is a bit broad and it’s not on our radar yet, but you can follow it for updates – we’ll also notify you when it gets merged, whenever that is :slight_smile:


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