Balena Container Restarted Randomly


I have had this issue 3 times in the past 2 weeks. While using my balena device from the cloud, the container would restart randomly. The resin-supervisor logs would print

 resin-supervisor[1626]: [2019-07-26T21:57:40.126Z] Replacing container for service **** because of config changes:
 resin-supervisor[1626]: [2019-07-26T21:57:40.132Z]  Non-array fields:  {"added":{},"deleted":{},"updated":{"environment":{"BALENA_APP_NAME":"","RESIN_APP_NAME":""}}}

Hi there @rossm,

On what version of the OS / supervisor and which device type are you experiencing this issue?

Hi @xginn8,

Supervisor version: 9.11.3
Device type: Nvidia Jetson TX2

Hey @rossm, thanks for that info. Could you enable support access for this device so we could take a look at it?

Yes, I will enable it now

Sorry, @rossm, we’d also need the UUID to be able to check out the device, could you send that one as well?

@imrehg UUID: 3b91f2ea5cb573ca3d37e38cc1a35471

Hi @rossm it seems support access has expired as I cannot access the device, can you please check and reenable it?

@sradevski Oh, I just enabled support access

I cannot see anything in the logs because they have rotated since the last occurrence. Do you know if any changes that were made to the device when these restarts happened, even if it is not related to environment variables?

@sradevski No changes were made to the device, we were using the device normally and the container randomly restarted

@rossm I opened an issue in the supervisor repo: We will let you know once the maintainers have a look at it, as it sounds like a bug to me. It might also be related to but I am not sure.