Weekly Product Releases

Weekly Product Releases (20-02-2019)

This week we have released 3 new device types, which fills out our higher power ARM based boards.
The new boards we added are:

Note that the CTI Spacely carrier will not work with TX1 modules.

On the balenaCloud dashboard we have also shipped a huge change to they way the device list page is implemented. It now offers pagination and is much more performant when viewing fleets with thousands of devices.

In our set of balenalib base images we added a number of new images and fixes:

  • Add support for Alpine Linux 3.9
  • Add ui component to Raspberry Pi family base images sources list
  • Add node v11.9.0 and v10.15.1 images
  • Add procps package to default package list for all Debian base images
  • Use clean directory when mounting /dev as devtmpfs instead of /tmp to make sure it wont break other features

And finally on our build pipeline:

  • We have upgraded the docker engine on our builders to mitigate the latest runc vulnerability CVE-2019-5736
  • The native ARM builders for all armv7 builds, like the Raspberry Pi3 will correctly identify its architecture as armv7l in uname . This fixes a number of build issues (1, 2) we have seen for a while on projects using things like python pip or rust. We will soon be adding compatibility to for armv6l too, but this is not yet released.

Hope you enjoy and let us know in the thread if you have any questions.