Supported devices

Hello. Is this truth for openBalena supported devices ?

C:\Users\khoro>balena devices supported --verbose

aio-3288c armv7hf RELEASED AIO 3288C
astro-tx2 aarch64 NEW CTI Astro TX2 G+ (NEW)
asus-tinker-board armv7hf NEW Asus Tinker Board (NEW)
asus-tinker-board-s armv7hf NEW Asus Tinker Board S (NEW)
asus-tinker-edge-t aarch64 NEW ASUS Tinker Edge T (NEW)
bananapi-m1-plus armv7hf NEW BananaPi-M1+ (NEW)
beagleboard-xm armv7hf NEW BeagleBoard-XM (NEW)
beaglebone-black beaglebone armv7hf RELEASED BeagleBone Black
beaglebone-green armv7hf RELEASED BeagleBone Green
beaglebone-green-gateway armv7hf RELEASED BeagleBone Green Gateway
beaglebone-green-wifi armv7hf RELEASED BeagleBone Green Wireless
beaglebone-pocket armv7hf NEW PocketBeagle (NEW)
blackboard-tx2 aarch64 RELEASED Nvidia blackboard TX2
ccimx8x-sbc-pro aarch64 NEW ConnectCore 8X SBC Pro (NEW)
cl-som-imx8 aarch64 RELEASED Compulab MX8M
coral-dev aarch64 NEW Coral Dev Board (NEW)
etcher-pro aarch64 NEW Etcher Pro (NEW)
fincm3 armv7hf RELEASED Balena Fin (CM3)
firefly-rk3288 armv7hf RELEASED FireFly rk3288
floyd-nano aarch64 NEW Floyd Nano BB02A eMMC (NEW)
generic amd64 RELEASED Generic
generic-aarch64 aarch64 NEW Generic AARCH64 (ARMv8) (NEW)
genericx86-64-ext amd64 NEW Generic x86_64 (NEW)
imx6ul-var-dart armv7hf NEW Variscite DART-6UL (NEW)
imx7-var-som armv7hf RELEASED Variscite VAR-SOM-MX7
imx8m-var-dart aarch64 RELEASED Variscite DART-MX8M
imx8mm-var-dart aarch64 NEW Variscite DART-MX8M Mini (NEW)
intel-edison edison i386 RELEASED Intel Edison
intel-nuc nuc amd64 RELEASED Intel NUC
iot-gate-imx8 aarch64 RELEASED Compulab IOT-GATE-iMX8
jetson-nano aarch64 NEW Nvidia Jetson Nano SD-CARD (NEW)
jetson-nano-2gb-devkit aarch64 NEW Nvidia Jetson Nano 2GB Devkit SD (NEW)
jetson-nano-emmc aarch64 NEW Nvidia Jetson Nano eMMC (NEW)
jetson-tx1 aarch64 NEW Nvidia Jetson TX1 (NEW)
jetson-tx2 aarch64 RELEASED Nvidia Jetson TX2
jetson-xavier aarch64 NEW Nvidia Jetson Xavier AGX (NEW)
jetson-xavier-nx-devkit aarch64 RELEASED Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Devkit SD-CARD
jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc aarch64 NEW Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Devkit eMMC (NEW)
jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-seeed-2mic-hat aarch64 RELEASED Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX Devkit SD Seeed ReSpeaker-2Mic
jn30b-nano aarch64 RELEASED Auvidea JN30B Nano
n510-tx2 aarch64 RELEASED Aetina N510 TX2
nanopc-t4 aarch64 NEW NanoPC-T4 (NEW)
nanopi-neo-air armv7hf RELEASED Nanopi Neo Air
nitrogen8mm aarch64 NEW Nitrogen8M Mini SBC (NEW)
npe-x500-m3 armv7hf RELEASED NPE X500 M3
odroid-c1 armv7hf RELEASED ODROID-C1+
odroid-xu4 odroid-ux3, odroid-u3+ armv7hf RELEASED ODROID-XU4
orange-pi-one armv7hf NEW Orange Pi One (NEW)
orange-pi-zero armv7hf NEW Orange Pi Zero (NEW)
orangepi-plus2 armv7hf NEW Orange Pi Plus2 (NEW)
orbitty-tx2 aarch64 RELEASED CTI Orbitty TX2
photon-nano aarch64 RELEASED CTI Photon Nano
photon-xavier-nx aarch64 NEW CTI Photon Xavier NX (NEW)
qemux86 i386 NEW QEMU X86 32bit (NEW)
qemux86-64 amd64 NEW QEMU X86 64bit (NEW)
raspberry-pi raspberrypi rpi RELEASED Raspberry Pi (v1 / Zero / Zero W)
raspberry-pi2 raspberrypi2 armv7hf RELEASED Raspberry Pi 2
raspberrypi3 armv7hf RELEASED Raspberry Pi 3
raspberrypi3-64 aarch64 RELEASED Raspberry Pi 3 (using 64bit OS)
raspberrypi4-64 aarch64 RELEASED Raspberry Pi 4
raspberrypi400-64 aarch64 NEW Raspberry Pi 400 (NEW)
raspberrypicm4-ioboard aarch64 NEW Raspberry Pi CM4 IO Board (NEW)
revpi-connect armv7hf NEW Revolution Pi Connect (NEW)
revpi-core-3 armv7hf RELEASED Revolution Pi Core 3
smarc-px30 aarch64 RELEASED I-Pi SMARC PX30 SD-CARD
spacely-tx2 aarch64 RELEASED CTI Spacely TX2
surface-go amd64 NEW Microsoft Surface Go (NEW)
surface-pro-6 amd64 NEW Microsoft Surface 6 (NEW)
ts4900 armv7hf RELEASED Technologic TS-4900
up-board amd64 RELEASED UP Board
var-som-mx6 armv7hf NEW Variscite VAR-SOM-MX6 (NEW)


~~That looks correct! You can also check this out on our site Single-board computers - Balena Documentation ~~

Apologies - I reread your message and you said Open Balena. The correct list is Raspberry Pi family, the Intel NUC, the NVIDIA Jetson TX2, and the balenaFin

The list is different for Open Balena and Balena - you can find it here : GitHub - balena-io/open-balena: Open source software to manage connected IoT devices

But i logged in to OpenBalena. And executed command. So basicaly i need answer, is openBalena supported orange-pi. And is CLI command (balena devices supported ) show correct devices or this is correct for balena cloud ?


Open Balena doesn’t support Orange Pi right now.

The incorrect information you see is actually a result of a bug in our CLI - you can track this issue on GitHub : SyntaxError: Could not resolve relationship mapping from 'device type' to 'is default for,application' · Issue #121 · balena-io/open-balena · GitHub - Apologies for that! We are working on a fix

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