Was verification stage removed?

Using Balena Etcher 1.5.79 on Bodhi Linux.
When testing this new version, it flashed the contents of a ISO image. However, I noticed that now it does not verify the USB stick, which was a traditional Etcher second step. The “blue” verification stage was still available on 1.5.72, which was the last version I used previous to this one.

I checked the changelog and there is no reference to such modification. Was verification dropped? Is it checking on the fly?

No this step was not removed. It should still happen by default, but there is a setting, where you can disable it.

Do you refer to the “Validate write on success” setting? It is turned on.
I was using the amd64 deb file of Etcher 1.5.79, but it seems something is odd. So, I went back to the 1.5.72 version, where it is working fine.

Thanks for the extra information, we’ll get back to the Etcher team that it was enabled but not carrying out the verification!

Hey, we have tried to reproduce this ourselves but have not been able. The recommendation right now would be to either try with the AppImage release, or to try toggling the verification setting (or both), on v1.5.79.

Well, the ISO image that I was working on had a size of 700 MB. On 1,5,72, it takes about two seconds to finish the verification step. So, I guess that, in my computer, the verification step in 1.5.79 could be finished so fast, that it does not appear visible.
Anyway, many thanks for your attention to this issue. I really appreciate it.