Warning unknown container in balena-engine

Hello everyone!

So the problem seems simple: when I run journalctl -fu balena-engine i see this message every 30 sec:
level=warning msg=“unknown container” container=container ID.
Actually, this ID belongs to my running Node-Red container.

Everything seems ok but this warning bothers me - we had the problem with balena-engine: after 10 days of work something went bad and i couldn’t interact with containers with connection error; desc = “transport: dial unix … connect: connection refused”. We fixed that with reboot.

Can these problems be related?

I started working with balena-engine recently, so any help is appreciated!


Hi @daniilb,

Apologies for the late response. What versions of host OS, Supervisor, and balenaEngine are you running, and what is your device type? When you say something went bad after 10 days, could you be more specific about what went bad?