Failed to stop/kill containers

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Following error occurs when trying to reboot/restart/update/stop/kill containers on Jetson Nano device;

connection error: desc = “transport: dial unix /var/run/balena-engine/containerd/balena-engine-containerd.sock: connect: connection refused”: unknown

Device seems to be in complete lock due to this error.

remote support is open and device is reachable at:
UUID: 841a3e74d517c409a34176245d0d10e9

It looks like containerd on your device stopped working. In the newer version of balenaOS we enhanced our health checks to automatically detect this kind of failure (see

I will try restarting balena engine service on your device if you don’t mind.

If you will, please. I don’t have physical access to this device.

balena engine service has been restarted, and the device seems to function normally - it applied the target release successfully from what I can see.

I would suggest upgrading to the latest available version of balenaOS. As I mentioned health checks there are improved, and such failures should be handled automatically. Though, please note that this device runs a development build of the OS, so you will need to upgrade it manually, reflashing the device - we currently don’t support over-the-air updates for development builds.
If it’s a production device, we strongly recommend switching to production build.

Also, please note that you have container_name on one of the services in your docker-compose file, and it’s not supported by the supervisor running on the device and is simply ignored. It’s ok to have it there - just want to make sure you understand it has no effect.

Please let us know if the device looks good now.