Reduce Log Noise (failed to retrieve balena-engine-init) and (unknown container)

Were diagnosing some other things, but the logs are absolutely filled with the following two lines swamping out everything else

Jul 17 02:17:03 acea848 balenad[839]: time=“2019-07-17T02:17:03.942796654Z” level=warning msg=“unknown container” container=af07ce369eb21dfae7f7516c884bf83f90a5ad>
Jul 17 02:17:26 acea848 balenad[839]: time=“2019-07-17T02:17:26.757463316Z” level=warning msg="failed to retrieve balena-engine-init version: exec: "balena-engin>
Jul 17 02:18:02 acea848 chronyd[613]: 2019-07-17T02:18:02Z Selected source

Does anyone know an open issue or something wrong with our config we can fix?

I did find existing:

Hi @jacobrosenthal this was a bug in balena-engine which was fixed in v17.13.4 as well as all the 18.09 versions. Any of the balenaOS versions above 2.32 won’t have this issue anymore. Unfortunately as far as i know it can only be fixed by patching the engine, so upgrading is the best way to reduce the logging.

NP. Happy to upgrade. Thanks for the version hint.

No problemo, happy to help!