Wanted: A Utility to Read Disk Images


Does anyone know of a cross-platform utility (works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS) that can read disk images from a USB flash drive? Basically, I want a program like Etcher but with read support instead of write support. Yes, I know I can use dd on Linux and Mac OS to read a raw disk image, but I was hoping to find a nice GUI that beginners can use on all platforms to read a disk image from a drive.



Have you looked at “extFS for Mac by Paragon Software” or the Windows version. It makes extFS volumes accessible by the native file managers and applications. And you can set the preferences to mount volumes as read only.


Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping for a free solution to use in a class. I’m surprised and puzzled why Etcher does not do this. It let’s us write images to a disk, so why can’t it read them as well?


Win32DiskImager I believe can do this on Windows. I think on Linux the Gnome Disk Utility may allow image creation via GUI and on Macs the Disk Utility also I believe allows creating images from USB/SD cards inserted in the system.