VPN issue - many devices HeartbeatOnly

We are currently seeing a significant percentage of our devices, all at different locations across the country, reporting Online(Heartbeat Only). Is there currently an issue with Balena’s VPN?
Our devices are all either rPi 3B+ or rPi4s, on balenaCloud. I’d appreciate any word on what might be happening, as the balena vpn connection to our devices is critical for our operations.

Thanks for any help.
Kathryn Forsythe


Hi there,

There was an issue with our VPN service (more details can be found here Balena.io Status - Elevated Device URLs/VPN Errors) and it has been resolved. Your devices should be working fine now, please let us know if you have any questions.

Hi nghiant2710,

While the resolution you noted worked last week, the VPN problem seems to be occurring again - we have about 40 devices in various locations across the country reporting Heartbeat Only.

Is there a better way than the forums to ask about this kind of issue?

Thank you,