Did something change with the VPN? lots of heartbeat only

Did something change with balena’s supervisor reporting or the VPN? Been using this for quite a while and never seen this many heartbeat failures and it has been happening pretty frequently lately.

I’m wondering the same question as I’ve experienced the same behaviour lately…

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Hi, are you still experiencing this issue? I suspect we may have been rolling out some kind of update or maintenance at the time but would appreciate confirmation as to whether the issue as passed

This issue seems to have been resolved for that day, however, it is continually happening to other devices very often. Much more often than it did in the past. Right now I have a device directly beside me that is connected to the same network that I am on that is in heartbeat only but still seeing the logs stream through…

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@jordan-lumley could you please share more information of the devices that get into Heatbeat only status? Could you please share more details of the OS version and the supervisor version they are using?