Using sd card as a root filesystem ?

I’m working on the eagleye530s (artik533s) board with eMMC booted.
Then I’d like to use the board with x11-desktop app with docker images(

however, eMMC space is only 4GB, but the board have a sd card slot.
Here, I’d like to extend the space more than 4GB which the eMMC has so I’d like to use the eagleye board as a mini PC as the RPi-3B hardware with Ubuntu mate OS.

Here, I have a question.
When booting to balenaOS, I’d like to use sd card as a root filesystem on booting from u-boot to kernel.

Please, let me know how to set the u-boot arguments for using the sd card as root filesystem on balenaOS,


It sounds possible in theory but I am not aware of any specifics. I have reached out internally to our devices team who may have some ideas of how/if this is doable.

Hi, we currently deliver either flasher or SD/USB images for the devices we support, but we do one or the other and not both. So to do this, you’d need to extract the internal image from the flasher image we provide for this artik device. This device has also been deprecated by the manufacturer so you may want to consider using alternate hardware for your project?