Using ngrok to run my Minecraft Server

Hi everyone. I was trying to build a Minecraft Server for some friends and I using an RPi 4 4GB. I have created the server and everything is running well, but I cannot port forward as I am under a NAT from my ISP, and they charge a ridiculous sum to have an open static IP. Then I tried to use ngrok to host the server without portforwarding but have not got it to work. Ca anyone help me with this?

I am using the Balena Minecraft Server ( ) to have my server


Nevermind I have fixed the problem.


How did you fix it? and what was your problem?

I followed this guide to fix my problem → Install and Setup Ngrok in Kali Linux

I had trouble getting my friends to connect because currently, my ISP does not support port forwarding so I had to setup an ngrok tunnel to have them connect.

P.S. currently, I have switched from balena Minecraft Server to running the server directly from 64 bit Raspbian because the balena server had issues correctly utilizing 8GB ram of my Pi 4 and ran into a lot of crashes…

Every time you boot the computer , you will get different public url for a free account of ngrok . But with balena free , you can get a fixed public url . Therefore prefer blena to ngrok