Problem with installing ngrok

I made a minecraft balena server but I don’t have port forwarding option available in the router and decided to use ngrok. I downloaded ngrok and unpacked it in usr / bin directory but after running it I got itroot@pixelcraft:/usr/bin# ngrok bash: /usr/bin/ngrok: Permission denied

Hey there, can you provide the exact commands you used to download and unpack ngrok? I suspect you may have missed a step to add execute permissions.

chmod +x /usr/bin/ngrok
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Hi, I would like to follow up on this, have you been able to solve the issue? Otherwise have you tried the suggestion from my colleague? Thanks

I have uploaded ngrok via ftp to the usr / bin directory but forgot to add the permissions by

chmod +x /usr/bin/ngrok

Hi again, is everything working correctly now? Please let us know if we can help with anything else.

Also if you can share the steps you followed anyway it might be very useful for other users of the community.