User permission for adding 'NOTES'

Hi, We have different kinds of permission like Administrator, Developer, Operator and Observer. But we see the Observer have no permission to add notes, Can anyone confirm the ‘Notes’ permission? It will be great if Observer can add notes. Thanks.


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Hello @salmanfarisvp thank you for your feedback!

The observer has only read-access to your fleet. Could you please tell us more details on how you use the balenaCloud notes with your observers?


Thanks for the response @mpous .

We are planning to add comments regarding the device performance by an observer on the Notes, It will be great if the observer has access to add Notes since the balena permission roles are not much flexible.

Looking forward to it.

@mpous Since the observer have no access to the device state, the notes will help them to pass observer valuable information to the operator or developer if the device needs to have purge or reboot or anything extra.

@mpous Can you please check this? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @salmanfarisvp first of all sorry for my late reply.

We discussed internally your case. Let me add some context here.

The observers have read-only access to the fleets, so this type of users are not suppose to write anything on the fleets they are observing. If you want to enable users with the possibility to write some notes, they might to become operators, as these users are operating on the devices/fleet if they are writing notes.

Some time ago, we discussed internally the possibility to let customers define custom privileges to their users. Currently this is too complex to implement, so it’s not supposed to be implemented on the short-term. Anyway we will keep you updated if this change.

The Notes were disabled for observers as were giving the false impression to observers they were able to write in the Notes. That was an issue that we solved.

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Hi @mpous, Thanks for the reply.

Thanks, this makes more sense now.

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Thank you for your message @salmanfarisvp

Let us know if we can help you more :slight_smile:

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Sure :slightly_smiling_face::raised_hands:

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