Read Only OpenBalena User


Is it possibile to create an ssh key through balena-cli with read-only permission?
I’d like to allow people to use the balena-cli but without the risk of them being able to remove devices or modify any app.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Matteo!

First off, sorry for the late response. I am not sure I understand your exact use case, but you might be able to use Observer accounts for that. This type of account has read-only access to your fleet.

Please let us know if this helps with your use case. Otherwise, feel free to share more details on you needs so that we can look for alternatives.


On openbalena this probably won’t work as these are instructions for balenaCloud.

@matteopeluso I don’t think this is possible in openBalena without actually writing your own scripts/modifying the source. I recently did a database dump of openBalena to examine the database structure and relations and it should be possible to get this kind of functionality (as you can set permissions for API keys) but the CLI nor the API supports any of this functionality out of the box IIRC.