Adding Realtek RTL8188EU (TP-Link and Edimax) USB Wi-Fi support


We need to support the RTL8188EU USB Wi-Fi with our solution.

We were successful building the raspberrypi4-64 using balena-os/balena-raspberrypi and it works like the original image we download from the balena website.

We made the following changes to the linux-raspberrypi_4.19.bbappend file:

  • Commented out the following lines (since we might test rtl8192cu as well):
    #KERNEL_MODULE_PROBECONF += “rtl8192cu”
    #module_conf_rtl8192cu = “blacklist rtl8192cu”
  • Added the following lines:
    RESIN_CONFIGS[rtl_driver] = "

After building and loading to SD card and on a RPi4, if still does not see the USB Wi-Fi as a wifi network device. We do see it in lsusb.

Any ideas on what went wrong? what step are we missing? do we need to add any additional configuration anywhere?

Thank you so much for the help and support!

Hello @n42
The kernel version for the Raspberry Pi 4 is 5.4.83, so you would need to make any changes to linux-raspberrypi_5.4.bbappend and not linux-raspberrypi_4.19.bbappend.