USB Not Bootable from Big Sur DMG

Already made two bootable macOS USB installer with Etcher and it works fine for Mojave and Catalina. However, After burning a Big Sur DMG file, the USB is not recognized when booting from Mac with Option key.

I guess it may be a problem with the bootable USB you created.
Why not create a new one with other ways/software?How about Terminal?

What image are you flashing? The best way to create a bootable USB with macOS is indeed to use the macOS installer’s createbootablemedia script.

I got two software that can help you to create a bootable macOS Big Sur USB installer again.

macOS Big Sur. I am on PC and can not use ‘createinstallmedia’ command


Etcher writes an image 1:1 byte for byte. The DMG that you have for MacOS isn’t actually a raw disk image so writing as such isn’t going to produce a bootable image.

If your goal is to create a bootable MacOS image then Etcher isn’t the tool to use, sorry.

One of my friends successfully made a bootable macOS USB from Catalina DMG. I thought it could be capable of doing that. If not, what’s the option?



Sorry that you can’t use Etcher for this, maybe you can find something useful in this guide