USB Ethernet Adapter for Raspberry Pi

I’ve purchased 4 different USB 2.0 (& 3.0) Ethernet adapters, but none of them seem to be recognized by Resin OS.

I’m expecting to plug one in and have it appear as eth1 on the Host OS, but no dice.

Has anyone set up a second NIC using a USB adapter? If so, did you have to install device drivers? I am hoping to avoid that if possible since I believe the linux kernal should already include default drivers for USB Ethernet adapters.

Oddly, I tested it on a RevPi ( with ResinOS and it worked like a champ with no configuration.

HI @jgentes,
on our Raspberry Pi 3 with Resin OS 2.12.6+rev1 we have tried the Apple USB-Ethernet adapter ( and it worked perfectly.