USB C Power for Jetson Nano

Due to the Edge Impulse talk by @alanb128 and @dtischler I was reminded that I actually wanted to replace my old 5V power supply for my Jetson Nano which I got from a dear friend - with something more USB C.

So I ordered a USB C PD power “dummy” / trigger from aliexpress:

You can switch those to 5v, 9v, 12v, 15v and 20v - so whatever you need… powering them to 5v and hooking them up to the barell jack of my Jetson should do it - so I thought, naively. Well. It did work in a way, 5v were supplied but the Jetson was always unhappy about not getting enough power…

So I thought that this dummy might deliver more power at a higher voltage… so basically trying to getting 20v, then stepping them down to 5v…

So I got some of those:

( they can convert up to 24v to 5v @ 3A, at least they claim it… )

I got it all together:
One dummy set to 20 v, two of this 5 v converters in parallel…

… and it worked! At “MAXN”, even with a harddrive attached it did not trip or show warnings - let it run for multiple hours at full tilt (video playback on repeat from an USB harddrive, CUDA demos open as well, drawing about 7200 mW)

Finally I can set this big boy aside

I should at some point 3d print some enclosure for the overall unit, but some electric tape also did it for the moment… its getting handwarm, but nothing more, works for me.