Flashing Jetson Nano with USB


I was pushing my dockerfile with files from the jetpack for my jetson nano. Then my jetson started to process. Suddenly, my sd card has been ejected because the slot broke. I wanted to know if you have another way to flash my jetson nano with USB please?


Hi there. It may be possible to hack something together, (e.g https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2019/04/25/jetson-nano-run-on-usb-drive/), but to be honest I would recommend you try to simply get the SD card slot repaired if possible. Hacking an alternative might not be reliable.

Ok thanks for the reply, but is it possible by this way too:

Are you using the Jetson nano development board? (https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson-nano-developer-kit). If so, then this board needs the SD card for storage and to boot. There is also a system on module board for the Jetson nano that has built in eMMC instead of using an SD card. However if you are using the regular dev board, then the SD card will be needed.

I’m not sure about the repo you linked. I’m guessing that this tool can be used to flash the eMMC of the system on module board, or it can flash the SD card on the dev board while its in the SD slot, instead of having to put the SD card in some sort of USB adapter.

Yes, I’m using the jetson-nano-developer-kit

In that case, if the SD card won’t go into the SD card slot, the tool you linked will not make the board work - repair is the best option