Updating PiHole


I found some articles about updating PiHole on Balena.
The “how to” is based on the old interface.
The new interface has “Fleets”.
How can i update my PiHole to the latest version.
There are no options in the interface like suggested in the solutions already existing on this forum.

Kind regards and thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Hello @inc10521 welcome to the balena forums!

To update your pihole you only need to update your fleet. How did you install the pi-hole project on your fleet? from the balenaHub? or Deploy with balena button? or CLI?

In case you did from Deploy with balena button, just click again the button from the repo and update your existing fleet on balenaCloud.

Check here for the instructions.

Hello @inc10521 did this work at the end on your side?

Keep us updated please :slight_smile: