Updated node sdk

Hi all,

we use your node sdk intensively in our own backend, we have completed our migration to microservices and we really need to automate some steps on app creation…

As I can see the node sdk project on github is not still updated, though there are some branches that implement the latest changes. Do you guys have an estimated time for the new version release, or can you point to me a develop branch that I could “safely” use?


Hi @jarias, yes, as you’ve found, the multicontainer SDK isn’t 100% ready yet. The existing SDK (v8) will keep working though, so you should be able to keep using that for now for most basic operations, and this should only be a limitation if you’re automating over the multiple services themselves, rather than the basic app/device model etc.

If you do need to do that then you can start using the new SDK straight away if you like. It’s published to npm and available, it’s just not it’s not marked as the default release you’ll get with npm install resin-sdk, it’s not 100% feature complete, and we can’t promise that there won’t be other breaking changes before the full v9 release.

If you want to try it out right now, you can install the latest version with npm install resin-sdk@beta. If you do that I’d encourage you to pin your dependency to a specific version, as there may be unpredictable and breaking changes at any time until this comes out of beta. The MC SDK is fully stable and working, the main remaining limitation is that it doesn’t support the new service/device variables model, but that (along with a proper v9 release) is coming soon.